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We are reliable and provide cost effective services.




Cue Exports Limited is a registered Exporter with Nigerian Export Promotion Council (NEPC) and a certified member of the NIGERIA - CHINA BUSINESS COUNCIL, also (ANE) Association of Nigerian Exporters, Rivers State Branch. We are a reliable Export Trade Marketing Company (EMC) with excellent experience in the trade of Food Stuffs, Agricultural and non-Agro/Minerals Commodities such as: Hardwood Charcoal, Cassava Chips, Achi, Melon seed(egusi), Ogbono, Bitter Kola, Yam, Garri, Crayfish, Smoked Fish, Ginger, Chilli Pepper, Sesame Seed, Palm Oil; Dried Vegetables:- Ukazi, Utazi, Bitter leaves; various products also available on request, all at affordable prices.


CUE Exports Limited is committed to qualitative service delivery for profitable supplies to diverse international clients and consumers. We firmly believe that quality can be realized without compromising commercial appeal.