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We strive to achieve this goal by constant re-invention of our processes, strict quality control at every step and following manufacturing and technical procedures which allow us to achieve maximum efficiency.

Currently we produce the following:

Steel Billets: Steel Billets are produced currently by the casting process (melting of iron scrap in induction furnace) and using continuous casting (con-cast) technology.

Steel Rods: Steel rods is our chief product and is produced between sizes 8mm x 12mm, to 32mm x 12mm.


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Cue Exports Limited has an installed capacity to treat 100 Metric Tons of Metals per day and is already exporting finished products in the form of Aluminium Alloys and Pure Copper Ingots to markets in Europe and Asia and - due to the stringent quality control measures that are taken and enforced at every stage of the operation - our products have been able to meet the required specificatiof our buyers.

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We provide dry and highly flammable charcoal. Find out more about the specifications here.